What is Art Does It?

Three Artists painting or sculptingThree Artists painting or sculptingThree Artists painting or sculpting
Three Artists 192 years of Art Doing It--Left to Right regina, Tage, Benno


was a quip I made to Benno when Tage and I first met him in New York, early 2000’s.

“Art Does IT!”

I liked the encapsulation and open endedness.

Tage and Benno laughed—

And, at gallery openings —-it’s a safe conversation—

(hello and …what does art do for you?

therapy, completeness, escape, answers, hope, memory, pain, healing, gift, payment, honor, history, feeling, peace, pride —-)

I didn’t consider Art Does It a call to action until Benno and I decided to organize the Mobile city artists in 2015. I designed the logo.

Art Does It then took its “brand”:

  • 2015 Art Does It (ADI) is a registered domain, trademark, website, and a proposal to the Mobile City Arts Council.

  • 2018 Art Does It (ADI) is a (501c3) non-profit founded with my second artist husband Benno Kollegger.

Our mission in Benno’s six words :

To live for Art,

not from it

note: Some people love acronyms. The acronym ADI (pronounced Ah Di) was Benno’s mother’s name.

We enjoyed saying her name, it keeps her spirit alive.

Our little arts org “ADI” became the center on a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico.


— art, process, life— 

—art, does, it—

I’m excited for 2024. And here it is. After several stints in the “loony bin” I am back with a loving vengeance.


Art has always “done it” for me and the people I love.

I hope Art Does It, and continues to “do it”, for you too!


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